Céline GICQUEL,founder and leader

CELAPROD was born the day my daughter was born. The story is simple and beautiful.

« I wanted CELAPROD to practice the profession that I am passionate about, respecting the values I carry: professionalism, enthusiasm, positivism, balance, serenity, transparency.

Creatin my own company has never been a goal in itself but… Mom always told me
« Choose your job well, you’ll spend a lot of time! » and when my daughter was born… It was a revelation « why choosing between an exciting job and my new life as a mom? » Do not choose and be the head of my company, which will carry my values… A year after CELAPROD was born.

Why did you choose this name « CELAPROD »?

CE.. Line, LA.. Ura…et PROD to explain « Our job: Producing events »

Ten years later, Laura is a balanced and happy child. So is his mom. The team has expanded, in accordance with the values that have led us since Genesis, shared by our loyal customers, friends and partners! »

Marie-Astrid DAROUX, project manager

Based in Toulouse, she is now Céline’s right-hand.

A master of the ESTUA of Angers in business tourism, 15 years of experience in event agency, Marie-Astrid joined CELAPROD at the beginning of the adventure and she is the favorite interlocutor of those who love professionalism, singing accent of Southwest and Serenity.

 »  Eight years ago, when Céline offered to work for CELAPROD, I didn’t need to think very long. Re-assembling our binomial was a real joy!
What a pleasure every morning to get in the office and make a fulfilling trade… That’s a big chance. 
I like to design, create custom events, adapt to your needs, steer you in your choices, exchange, dig my head to find the right concept, the idea so that your event will live up to your expectations.
And then, CELAPROD offers me invaluable flexibility and a beautiful balance: reconciling family life and working life. »

CELAPROD is surrounded by skilled and passionate men and women at every stage of your project to provide a high quality service.

Some members of our small family, they are called : Andréa, Elodie, Jacques, Mathias, Jean-Pierre, Didier, Sophie, Manon, Pierre, Véronique, Franck, Marie, Laurent, Elisabeth, Catherine, Corinne, Louis, Alice, Rémi, Magali, etc.

We thank them

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